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Designer & content creator

Hey there!

My name is Jocelyn Rhyder, and I am a content creator. Let me tell you a little about my background….. I have an Associate’s degree in Graphic design and a Bachelor’s in video production. Including a background in communications studies and Digital Marketing diplomas. I am always exploring creativity through digital art. Graphic Design is my profession, but helping others is my passion. The Content creation community is made to help impulse entrepreneur brands with their projects, branding, and social media identity.

Ready to work together? Because I am!


Social Media Coordinator

Big Block Realty

Freelance Designer and Director


Platt College San Diego

AA Graphic Design

BA Video Production

Southwestern College

AA Communications


  • Branding & Visual Communication
  • Digital Illustration
  • Creative Project Management
  • Social Media Content Visualization & Execution
  • Brand Refresh and Transformation


Brand Identity

Edgy & Lux is a clothing brand I worked for creating everything from logos, Price tags, Packaging, social media content and website.


Brand Identity

I work with a local General Contractors company where I helped start their whole branding from their logo , social media presence and content for ads.

Brand Redesign

I helped a well-loved Restaurant update its visual identity and transform their brand into something fresh and more aligned with their new business direction.

Projects I have worked with

Restaurants, Bars, & Breweries Logo

I help businesses create a brand or identity that is clear, strong, and reflective of what they are as an entity.


(619) 250 8426